Papanui High School Senior Coursebook

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Course Descriptions

Courses in BOLD are either Semester or Pathway Courses.

Learning Area: Level 1: Level 2: Level 3:
Language and Languages

English 11F (ENG11F)

English with Media (MED11F)

English 12F (ENG12F)
English 13F (ENG13F)

English 21F (ENG21F)
English with Media 21F  (MED21F)
English 22F (ENG22F)
English 23S (ENG23S)

English 31F (ENG31F)
English 32F (ENG32F)

Te Reo Maori 11F (MAO11F)

Maori Performing Arts 11F (MPA11F)

Te Reo Maori 21F (MAO21F)

Te Reo Maori 31F MAO31F)

French 11F (FRE11F) French 21F (FRE21F) French 31F (FRE31F)
Japanese 11F (JPA11F) Japanese 21F (JPA31F) Japanese 31F (JPA31F)
Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics 11F (MAT11F)

Mathematics 12F (MAT21F)

Mathematics 13F (MAT31F)

Mathematics 13S Numeracy (MAT13S/MAH13S)

Mathematics 21S (MAT21S/MAH21S)

Statistics and Modelling 21S (STA21S/STM21S))

Mathematics with Calculus 21S (CAL21S)

Mathematics 22S (MAT22S/MAH21S)

Mathematics with Calculus 31F (CAL31F)

Statistics and Modelling 31F (STA31F)


Science 11F (SCI11F)

Science 12F (SCI12F)

Science 13F (SCI13F)

Biology 21F (BIO21F)

Biology 22S (BIA22SBIP22S)

Biology 31F (BIO31F)
Chemistry 21F (CHE21F) Chemistry 31F (CHE31F)
Physics 21F (PHY21F) Physics 31F (PHY31F)
Electronics Robotics and programming 11F (ELE11F) Electronics 22F (ELE22F) Electronics and Robotics 32F (ELE32F)
Social Science

Georgraphy 11F (GEO11F)

Geography - Physical 21S (GEP21S)

Geography - Human 21S (GEH21S)

Tourism Studies 22S (1) (TOU22S)

Tourism Studies 22S (2) (TOU22S)

Geography 31F (GEO31F)

Tourism Studies 32F (TOU32F)

Sustainability 22S (SUS22S)

Globalisation 22S (GLB21S)

History 11F (HIS11F)
History 21F (HIS21F) History 31F (HIS31F)
Classical Studies 21F (CLS21F) Classical Studies 31F (CLS31F)

Accounting 11F (ACC11F)

Accounting 21F (ACC21F)

Financial Literacy 22S (FIN22S)

Accounting 31F (ACC31F)
Economics 11F (ECO11F) Economics 21F (ECO21F) Economics 31F (ECO31F)
Business Studies 21S (BUS21S/BSS21S) Business Studies 31F (BUS31F)
Retail Industry 22S (RTL22S)

Digital Technology 11F (DTI11F)

Digital Technology 12F (DTI12F)

Programming and Computer Science 21S (DTP21S)

Digital Information 22S (DTI22S)

Digital Media 22S (DTM21S)

Digital Infrastructure 21S (DTI21S)

Programming and Computer Science 31F (DTP31F)

Digital Media 31F (DTM31F)

Digital Information 32F (DTI32F)


Design Technology 11F (DST11F)

Design Technology 12F (DST12F)

Design Technology 21F (DST21F)

Introduction to the Trades 22P (ITT22P)

Automotive Engineering 22F (AUT22F)

Design Technology 31F (DST31F)

Food & Nutrition 11F (FNU11F)

Hospitality 12F (HOS12F)

Food & Nutrition 21F (FNU21F)

Hospitality - Restaurant 22S (RES22S)

Hospitality - Junior Chef 22S (CHF22S)

Community Life Skills 22S (CLS22S)

Childcare 22S (CHC22S)

Food & Nutrition 31F (FNU31F)

Hospitality - Restaurant cuisine 32F (RES32F)

Hospitality - Cafe Culture 32F (HOC32F)

Design and Visual Communication 11F (GRA11F) Design and Visual Communication 21F (GRA21F) Design and Visual Communication 31F (GRA31F)
Design & Textiles Technology 11F (TXT11F) Design & Textiles Technology 21F (TXT21F) Design & Textiles Technology 31F (TXT31F)

Visual Arts 11F (ART11F)

Visual Arts - Painting 21F (PTG21F)

Visual Arts-  Art Design 21F (ART21F)

Visual Arts - Photography 21F (PHO21F)

Visual Arts - Art History 21S (ARH21S)

Visual Arts - Sculpture 21S (SCU21S)

Visual Arts- Illustration 21S (Ill21S)

Visual Arts - Painting 31F (PTG31F)

Visual Arts - Art Design 31F (ART31F)

Visual Arts - Photography 31F (PHO31F)

Visual Arts - Art History 31F (ARH31F)

Performance Music 11F (MUS11F) Performance Music 201 (MUS21F) Performance Music 31F (MUS31F)
Drama 11F (DRA11F) Drama 21F (DRA21F) Drama 31F (DRA31F)
Dance 11F (DNC11F) Dance 21F (DNC21F) Dance 31F (DNC31F)
Health & Physical Education

Physical Education 11F (PED11F)

Recreation & Wellbeing 12F (RWS12F)

Physical Education 201 (PED21F) Physical Education 31F (PED31F)
Health 11F (HEA11F) Health 21F (HEA21F) Health 31F (HEA31F)
Sports Performance & Leadership 22F (SPL22F) Sports Performance & leadership 32F (SPL32F)
Outdoor Education 22F (OED22F) Outdoor Education 32F (OED32F)

Employment Skills 12F (EMP12F)

Personal Life Skills 13F (PLS13F)

Employment Skills 22S (EMP22S)

 Please Note:

  • Levels within a subject reflect the combinations of Achievement Standards and Unit Standards offered. See Individual courses for specific details.