Papanui High School Senior Coursebook

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HISTORY 31F (Full Year) - HIS31F

TEACHER IN CHARGE: Mrs Welch / Mrs Knight

It is an advantage to have studied History or Classical Studies at Level 1 and/or 2 but not essential. Students need to have achieved in Level 2 History, Classical Studies or English to be eligible to enter 31F History.


  • Witch hunts and beyond.
  • Crime and punishment in New Zealand.
  • Elizabeth I – the accession, religion and times during the reign of the most fascinating Queen.

Level 3 Achievement Standards consisting of 15 internally and 10 externally assessed credits

$15.00 for printed material plus possible field trip expenses

A student who has completed Level 3 History has developed analytical and writing skills which may be applied in most other subjects. Specifically, study can lead to careers in foreign affairs, law, journalism, broadcasting, travel, teaching, Government Departments, marketing management, research and any vocation requiring excellent communication and investigative skills.

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