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Subject Choice

When thinking of possible career paths and matching to specialist subjects, use this link to explore possible subject/career opportunities that may interest you. These will also assist you in choosing your specialist subjects.

Careers and Transition


  • Careers education units in Year 9 – 13 appropriate to level.
  • Careers library in Careers Room A12
  • Networked computer database (Kiwi Careers information on over 500 jobs)


  • Visits to and from tertiary education providers and employers
  • Individual interviews with a counsellor/careers advisor
  • STAR funded vocational courses that may involve work placements.


  • Year 13 conference
  • Work choice Workday: Year 12 students.
  • Careers Expo: Year 12 and 13.
  • 3-5 day vocational tasters at tertiary providers
  • Individual work exploration placements


Gateway provides long-term structured workplace learning for Year 12 & 13 students. In consultation with the employer, a learning plan is specifically developed for each student including industry based Unit Standards that contribute towards NCEA.

School attendance continues as usual, with students attending their Gateway placement one day per week for a period of time to be arranged.

Students gain valuable experience and learning in a career of their choice, building confidence for a smooth transition to the workplace.

There is no cost to students.

Mrs Gordon is the co-ordinator of the Gateway Programme at Papanui High School.

Star funded courses

STAR (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resourcing) funding allows us to provide you with a link into tertiary training, university and/or industry trade courses.

Within Level 2 and 3 subjects:

  • General Electronics
  • Tourism
  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Outdoor Education
  • Workshop Technology – Computer aided Design
  • Employment Skills
  • Design
  • Information Technology
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Trades

Courses where students can be dual enrolled at other tertiary providers and school. Students will take 3-4 subjects at school and attend courses at other sites. e.g. trades, agriculture

Taster Courses

  • STAR Funding allows for Years 10 to 13 students to attend Vocational Taster Courses. These are 3-5 day courses held at various training providers in the Christchurch area.
  • Students are selected individually, either from referral or personal choice.

Level 2 Courses

From 2012 new courses have be introduced to increase options for students. The following lists clarify the semester courses.

  • Some courses e.g. Geography can be taken for one semester or the whole year.
  • Some courses will only be offered for 1 semester.
  • Some courses will be repeated if student demand is there.
  • Student demand will allow us to confirm which courses will be offered in each semester.
  • A semester is approximately 17 weeks in duration.

Introduction of Semester Courses

  • In order to offer Year 12 and 13 students more options at Level 2, the structure of some courses has changed and new courses have been introduced.
  • Students wil take 5 subjects all year but some subjects may be for 1 semester only
  • Students doing 5 subjects will also need to select study for the whole year (STU22F) or for two half  year slots (STU22S)

Some courses only appear in one semester. The following table shows the semester courses and which half of the year they occur in. 

Semester 1

Semester 2

Skills for the retail industry (RTL22S) Employment Skills (EMP22S)
Biology - Animals (BIA22S) Biology - Plants (BIP22S)
Geography - Physical (GEP21S) Geography - Human (GEH21S)
Community Life Skills (COL22S) Childcare (CHC22S)
Mathematics with Calculus (CAL21S)

Some Semester courses run for the whole year in two parts and you can select to do both parts. These are:

Semester 1 Semester 2
English 23S (ENG23S) English 23S (ENL23S)
Mathematics 13S (MAT13S) Mathematics 13S (MAH13S)
Statistics and Modeling (STA21S) Statistics and Modeling (STM21S)
Mathematics 22S (MAT22S) Mathematics 22S (MAH22S)
Business Studies 21S (BUS21S) Business Studies 21S (BSS21S)
Tourism 22S (TOU22S) Tourism 22S (TOR22S)

Finally, there are some semester courses that are half year semesters only. i/e/ you can only select them once. They can, however, be selected in either semester 1 or 2. These subjects are:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Financial Literacy 22S (FIN22S) Financial Literacy 22S (FIN22S)
Digital Information 22S (DTI22S) Digital Information 22S (DTI22S)
Digital Infrastructure 21S (DTI21S) Digital Infrastructure 21S (DTI21S)
Programming and Computer Science 2S (DTP21S) Programming and Computer Science 2S (DTP21S)
Digital Media 21S (DTM21S) Digital Media 21S (DTM21S)
Education for sustainability 21S (SUS21S) Education for sustainability 21S (SUS21S)
Globalisation 21S (BLB21S) Globalisation 21S (BLB21S)
Illustraton 21S (ILL21S) Illustraton 21S (ILL21S)
Sculpture 21S (SCU21S) Sculpture 21S (SCU21S)
Art History 21S (ARH21S) Art History 21S (ARH21S)
Hospitality - Restaurant Service 22S  (RES22S) Hospitality - Restaurant Service 22S (RES22S)
Hospitality - Junior Chef 22S (CHF22S) Hospitality - Junior Chef 22S (CHF22S)

Subject planner

When planning your Year 11 Course, it is important to consider your Year 12 and 13 Course options at the same time, because many subjects have pre-requisites. It is also important to find out career information so your course is relevant to the job you want to do. I need to find out information on…..

Name: _______________________________________________________________

COURSE FOR YEAR 11: All students do 5 subjects (6 only by invitation)

Students at Year 11 will be placed in English, Mathematics and Science classes based on their progress at Year 10 and on the professional judgement of staff




3. Recreation, Wellbeing Sport and study (RWS)
4. (6th subject only by invitation) .

COURSE FOR YEAR 12: 5 subjects (6 only by consultation)

English (Compulsory) .

COURSE FOR YEAR 13: 5 subjects – Please see Careers Staff for clarification if you intend to enter University in 2014.

1 .