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L4C6, Nauru

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15 Confirmed Participants (all female)

Date:1th-5th August 2008

Venue: USP Centre, Nauru

First Name Familly Name School Email User Page L4C contribution
Elmina Quadina Aiwo Primary School elmina.quadina@naurugov.nr User:Ninaqwua Nauruan_fan_making
Edna Demauna Aiwo Primary School edna.demauna@naurugov.nr User:EdnaDemauna Learning about Culture
Josephine  Dame Aiwo Primary School josephine.dame@naurugov.nr User:JosephineDame Lesson Plan for year six
Jocelyn Adam Aiwo Primary School jocelym.adam@naurugov.nr User:Jadam Nauru Rich Task Lesson Plan
Zikki  Harris Aiwo Primary School zikki.harris@naurugov.nr User:Zharris Magurin_Beo
Anne Scotty Boe Infants School anne.scotty@naurugov.nr User:Merema ECE Resources for Nauru
Phynea Olsson Boe Infants School phynea.olsson@naurugov.nr User:PObox
Winnie Fritz Kayser College winnie.fritz@naurugov.nr User:Winnielesi Nauru Lesson Plan For Creating A Face Print
Dunstan Dirua Nauru College dunstan.dirua@naurugov.nr User:Desperado
Susan Kapal Nauru College susan.kapal@naurugov.nr User:Susangkapal NY9 SocSci Geography Teaching Material
Cora Agege Nibok Infants School cora.agege@naurugov.nr User:CorA The Nauruan story of the First Coconut Tree

Sibil Ika Nauru Secondary School sibilla.ika@naurugov.nr User:Jarla Recycling_Resources_in_Nauru
Teita Jeremiah Nauru Secondary School teieta.jeremiah@naurugov.nr User:Teejay Know Your Way Around the Library
Salodina Thoma Yaren Infants School salodina.thoma@naurugov.nr User:Salodina Year 1 Basic Computer Lesson Plan for Nauru
Candice Jeremiah Aiwo Primary School candice.jeremiah@naurugov.nr User:Cdjeremiah Making Nauruan coconut oil
Elita Foilape Nauru College elita.foilape@naurugov.nr
Kate Detenamo Nauru College kate.detenamo@naurugov.nr
Viola Detenamo Nauru College viola.detenamo@naurugov.nr
Yatimi Tsitsi Yaren Infants School yatimi.tsitsi@naurugov.nr
Joanne Gobure Nibok Infants School joanne.gobure@naurugov.nr
Kylie Notte Nauru Secondary School kylie.notte@naurugov.nr
Peter McBain Nauru Secondary School peter.mcbain@naurugov.nr

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