Recycling Resources in Nauru

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Recycling Boxes


=Mini library=

Materials needed:

  • boxes
  • scissors/craft knife
  • paint/brushes
  • water/sponge
  • magazine cut outs, photos,etc(optional)
  • PVA medium
  • varnish
  • menthylated spirit(a small container fitting the brush being used)

Icon activity.jpg

1.Get a box and cut through the front causing a 'V' with a flat and wide base

2.Paint the box creatively as you can get it to be

3.(optional)Paste pictures onto your mini library and put aside to dry out

4. Cover with varnish and put aside for 3-6hours depending on the thickness of the varnish used

5. Put away brush used for painting on varnish into container of methylated spirit to clean out

5.Than there's your mini library~you can stack away books that are crowding up your shelves