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Employer:Nauru College
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NY9 SocSci Geography Teaching Material

My photo

This is a picture of Nauru's beach

Me and my Community

My name is Susan Gabu Kapal. I am from Igos village, Bogia, in the Beautiful Madang province of Papua New Guinea. My province, Madang, is one of the most beautiful, places in the Pacific. You talk about natural sceneries and breathtaking sites, Madang has it all for you. The most critical need of my province right now is to fascilitate for the up coming young generations technological needs in education in order to keep up with the changes in this globalized technological world.

More about Me

My passion about teaching is to excel as a real innovative teacher and share my experiences with other collegues in underdeveloped and developing countries so that they can also improve their skills for the betterment of tomorrow's students in todays world. I have a sound knowledge about computers. I have done online planning, used a number of programs on the computer to prepare educational materials for teaching and learning. I would like to do more in anyway possible to help those that really need extra assistance to build up their computer skills.

My Work

(Comment.gif: Welcome aboard and greetings from Vancouver! Wow --- I'm impressed with your willingness to experiment with the wiki -- keep it up, you'll be a leading WikiEducator pretty soon! --Wayne Mackintosh 03:02, 4 August 2008 (UTC))