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Contact-new.svg Candice Jeremiah
Employer:Aiwo Primary School
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Sit front row:(right)myself,principal Sharon Buramen,Mrs Tannang,Mrs Uepa Mrs scotty,Mrs Harris, Mrs Tsiode,Beula.Margie,Mrs Taumea,Mrs Cook,Mrs Deidenang,Mrs Karl

Nauruan Legend

Making Nauruan coconut oil

Candice Jeremiah's user page

About myself

Name:Candice Jeremiah,I am from Nauru, i'm 23 yrs old,and enjoy being sinlge.


My favorite food:Anything that comes from the sea.


There's alot of things excites me about my community, the main thing i like those people there is because, most of them are my families and they are really helping each other to improve our communtiy.

my work

I am a libraian teacher in Aiwo Primary School.My job is to make students have deep understading of books and enjoy reading.

(Comment.gif: Greetings from Vancouver and welcome! -- Great photo! Keep up the good work --- I can see that you'll become a wiki natural. --Wayne Mackintosh 03:16, 4 August 2008 (UTC))