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Contact-new.svg Sibil Ika
Employer:Nauru Secondary School
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'''I am a 22 year old and this is my first time to join in the wikieducator,so i'm just a beginner. I'm from Anetan District,Nauru Island.Nauru is situated near the equator and it's in the Pacific Islands close to Fiji,Tarawa,Australia,etc.''''''''


My passions in life is Art.Pretty pictures and making of jewellery,handcrafts really interest me the most and also looking at other people's works of art and learning from them. My technical skills I would say be at a medium level.I'm not firmiliar with most of the things on the computer.But the only thing that i'm good at is typing.I am a quick learner though and i can teach someone else things that i have learnt.In my life my aim is to be a fully qualified teacher.



I am an adopted child so i live with my (adoption parents)who are really my grandparents because they are my father's parents.I am engaged and i have a son who just turned 3 last month.My real parents don't live far,only seven houses apart,that's where they live.It's only a 2 minute walk to their place.So i get to visit them everyday.I have 3 brothers,ones 19,17,14.They're all at the secondary level now.I have only one sister and she's married and she's a year younger than me.''


'I work as an Art trainee teacher at our Nauru Secondary School,StateHouse Meneng District. My goals are to teach the students all the knowledge and skills that i have adn hopefully will get a successful result from my students. In my job i've only been involved in Inservice Programs given by the school and our qualified teachers from Papua New Guinea. I really love my job and i enjoy seeing the outcomes from the students atht i've taught.'


'The resources created with this technology would be a very big and thankful help to the people of Nauru Island.The knowledge that i have learnt from the wikieducator will be passed on to my friends and families and acquaintances.'


'I live in a small community where everyone knows each other. What excites me the most about the community that i live in, are my family and friends. They are the only people that keep me busy and have something to do in a day since there's not much happening around my community except for work and visiting families and friends. The critical nees of my community are home repairs which isn't very affordable at the moment and building of amusement parks to get the people to have something exciting to do on weekends or holidays.'

Recycling Resources in Nauru

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