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Contact-new.svg Edna Demauna
Employer:Aiwo Primary School
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/Learning about Culture


I lived in Anetan District and i'm proudly want to say to you that most of the boys in our community are heplful and very active.They have collected every bits of rubbish along side of the road.If you need these boys call them on 111 After hours or 24 hours a day.

About me

My name is Edna and i'm 24 years old,i wish to share some of my experience with the students i had worked with so far or a little poem about them.

My students are intelligent and very smart
Their behaviour are good but sometimes with no good remarks.
Their exams fluctuates with lower and upper marks
But the good thing about them is that i never bark.

My Family

I have a wonderful close family ,we lived in a christian way, our lives fluctuates through domestic problems. But in the end our love is still strong as ever.

My Rich Task

In semester one our rich task is based on "Water is Life" Students had to identify the deep undestanding of water and the conservations of water. 5% of the students in my class recieved major specifications in task descriptions and 92% of my students recieved a u grading signifies that students did not comply to major task descriptions.

My invention

My invention is called Mr Right,Mr Right is a new technology that would support you from correcting exam papers during corrections.How? Call Edna for more informations. David Leeming's user page User's Page Nauru-girls.jpg thumb

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 * Students be able to identify the deep understanding of task description.
 * Students should have gain knowledge and able to conduct task description.
 # students be able to comprehend the task.

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Class activity
Divide into 4 groups and have a discussions about cultures

Brainstorm your own culture and your studied culture. Write a retrieval chart comparing your culture and studied culture

(Comment.gif: A very warm welcome to you from Vancouver Canada -- We're very proud to see Nauru educators join our family! You just need to practice bold and italics for your first certification --Wayne Mackintosh 01:13, 4 August 2008 (UTC))