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Employer:Aiwo Primary School
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Nauru Rich Task Lesson Plan

My Community

I live in Aiwo District, Republic of Nauru. There is no excitement living in my district because you have to live and breath phosphate dust daily. It is a health hazard. What the district desperately needs is for the Nauruan government to listen to the many protests that some members of the community have been making. That is to have renovations done on the industry's cantilevers and buildings so dust won't fly around too freely.

About Me

I joined the Nauruan workforce in 1972 up to today 2008, and worked in many instrumentalities. I have been a nurse; an air hostess; an overseas operator for Telecom; Clerk typist; private secretary for the first president of Nauru and finally settled down to teaching in 1990. My passion in life is discovering new things, ideas etc.,and have found that teaching is the most stimulating. My computer skills are average I think but I can teach others to make a powerpoint.

My Work

Today I am teaching Grade 5's at Aiwo Primary School. Originally I was an Infant School teacher, but two years ago I was appointed to Primary teaching to teach the new Curriculum, the New Nauru Basics which was adopted from the New Basics Queensland Australia as part of the Reform Package. This will be a first project done nationally and internationally. Nationally done ones was the planning of Rich Tasks Curriculum for Nauru.


Technology and resources created with this technology will impact greatly on the community as it will give people awareness that times are changing rapidly and this type of technology can help them keep up with new ideas, etc. I would share this with anyone interested and in turn they can share it with anyone they think will be interested.

(Comment.gif: Greetings from Vancouver and welcome to our Wiki family. Your lesson on natural herbs is a great choice and coming along rather nicely. --Wayne Mackintosh 02:43, 4 August 2008 (UTC))