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Students will be able to learn:
  • Importance and benefits of Nauruan herbs
  • Uses of Nauruan herbs
  • Methods of local medicines used from local herbs

Importance of Local Herbs

Local herbs are used by many Pacific Islanders for many reasons. Local plants in the pacific regions are important because they are used for arts and crafts, grooming, building huts or canoes and many more. The main role local herbs play is that it is used to cure many diseases such as cancer, diabetics, arthirits and many other health issues. Herbal medication has shown to be very beneficial to prevent health problems.

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Medication for Rheumatic Fever

  • Plant used: Pandanus (Epo), Coconut '(Ini)'
  • Part of plant used: Pandanus saka '(Dowarere)'
  • Materials needed: Knife, Basin, Jug
    Pandanus Saka (Dowarere)

'METHOD' Step 1: Use the knife to scrape the pandanus saka into a basin Step 2: Cut the Ini and pour only the juice into the basin with the pandanus saka Step 3: Wash hands and thouroughly mix the cocout juice and scraped pandanus until brown Step 4: Pour into jug and drink NB: Prepare and drink this medication daily for 1 (one) week