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food and nutrition

Contact-new.svg Josephine Dame
Employer:Aiwo Primary School
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global warming

About myself

Ekamawir! My name is Josephine Dame. I am from Nauru, "Pleasant Island".

About my community

Denigomodu Community (DC) is one of the fourteen district communities on Nauru. It consists of about 200 people. The people living in this community are mostly family-related.

About my work

My work incorporates both formal and non-formal education. I teach Year Six at Aiwo Primary School, Nauru. Every now and then I work on community-based programs with youths, women and people with disability.

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(Comment.gif: Welcome to our WikiEducator family. I'm very pleased to see a lesson on global warming -- very relevant for the Pacific region! You just need to practice bold, italics and lists for your first certification. --Wayne Mackintosh 02:40, 4 August 2008 (UTC))