Year 1 Basic Computer Lesson Plan for Nauru

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What student's will learn

  • basic computer skills
  • concept of computer
  • use computer independently


Before beginning lesson, introduce students to:

  1. Classroom rules
  2. Computer parts
    1. Their uses

Classroom rules

Ask students what they think the rules of the computer classroom are and why they should follow these rules. Write these up on blackboard or use a projector. Remind and emphasize students these rules everytime they have a lesson.

Computer parts

  • monitor
    Computer keyboard & mouse
  • mouse
  • keyboard
  • CPU

Show students the parts of a computer and ask what the parts are called and their purposes.Then tell them the correct terms and uses of each part. Also remind and emphasize during all lessons.

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Activities for students to get used to a mouse and keyboard (demonstrate on blackboard or projector).

  1. Mouse-use paint
  • take photo of each student
  • open paint
  • insert student photo into paint
  • have students draw onto their faces

This is a fun way to practice using a mouse

  1. Keyboard-use a word document
  • type up the alphabet or a sentence
  • open a word document
  • have each student type what you have written

Then have them read out what they've typed so you know they understand