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Employer:Boe Infants School
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PObox /My_Sandbox


My Address

Sarah Phynea Olsson
Denig district
P o Box 138
Central Pacific
Nauru Island

About Myself

I live in Denig, my district is a city on this island, we call this co's schools, hospitals, stores, mini marts,sport gyms and many more are build in our distrit. I have two brothers and a sister and I came third in my family, my father has three sisters and seven brothers including him, my mother has one brother and herself. I grew up with my mother's family co's it's not too crowded to be with but my father's family are ok but cannot catch up with them at one time. But I love all my family relatives. I'm 43 yrs old and I'm a mother of three, I have one daughter and two sons they are,

  • Marina 16 yrs
  • Dan-Hero 13 yrs
  • Dan-Ero 11 yrs

and my husband, Edouard

My Community

In my community we gather on weekends to exchange ideas, creativities,food recipes and many more. The priority need in my communitysh is a water tank, so every people in our community could share water during water shortage.

My work

I'm a teacher in kindergarden school, I've been teaching since 1984 and I really love my job I like working with young people/young kids. My elder sister's a teacher too in upper level. She does her work with pride, I always observe her daily routines in preparing her work activities and that's when I got the ambition of being a teacher, thanks to my sis.

My Likes/Dislikes

I like eating seafood my fauvorite hobby is singing and volley ball my favurite colour is purple my favourite movie star is Rob Lowe co'z he's cute I like communicating with different people in other countries via internet that's why I'm very very interested in learning technicals skills and other professional techniques on website & I dislike unrespectable human being.

To wikibuddies

Hi! It's me PObox

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(Comment.gif: Greetings from Vancouver --- I can see that you have a calling to be a teacher. You've made great progress on WikiEducator so far -- keep it up! --Wayne Mackintosh 02:54, 4 August 2008 (UTC))