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Culture is the way people do,the way people do things,and the reason why they do them.There are many different aspects of culture such as,the way they celebrated,clothes,languages,their beliefs,dance and songs. Nauruan Culture through Food. In this lesson,students select a favorite family recipe,e.g. their daily food at home. Theme:Food and Nutrition

  1. Ask students to brainstorm a list of words that they associate with favorite family food and recipe.
  2. The list might include words such as aunts,uncles,and other relatives.
  3. Discuss with the students how many cultural traditions and other customs center on food.
  4. Tell the students that they will be studying their favorite family recipes and share it with other students.
  5. Compare the food in the past and present.And why there are changes in food through our culture.

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  1. Divide into groups,and brainstorm food and recipe.
  2. List as many similar recipes by looking through other cultures.
  3. Make a list of other recipes that you have learnt from your other close members.
  4. Collect pictures of food in the past and present.
  5. And tell the class why food have change alot.
  6. Make a retrieval chart and Compare foods in tne past and in present

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