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Employer:Yaren Infants School
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Year 1 Basic Computer Lesson Plan for Nauru

Salodina Thoma

This page is about me.


Name: Salodina B-V Thoma

Address: Beragow Lodge, Buada District, Republic of Nauru

D.O.B: 13/05/87

Education Background:

2000 - Nauru College, Nauru

2001-2004 - St.Catherine's School, Melbourne, Australia

2005 - Nasinu Secondary School, Suva, Fiji

2006 - St.John's College, Cawaci, Fiji


My community is located in the middle of the island so we're called the "bush people". A community board was created to improve, discuss and attend the needs of the community. Currently, livestock developments are being setup such as a piggery and a duck farm.

The critical needs of my community is youth entertainment. The youths today are getting themselves involved in illegal and stupid things. Youth pregnancy is getting higher and kids getting in trouble with the law is a regular occurance. I believe that this is because of the lack of youth entertainment in my community that the youth nowadays have gone wild.


I am a computer teacher trainee and I've been in training since February 2007. I teach primary school children years 1&2 at Yaren Primary School on Nauru. I am not an expert and so what I teach my students is limited. I teach necessary basic computer skills such as word, powerpoint, spreadsheet etc.


  1. Nona (mother)
  2. Linson (father)
  3. Salo (me)
  4. Marina (sister)
  5. Peito (brother)
  6. Lina (sister)
  7. Magi (sister)
  8. Oaion (brother)

What I Like & Dislike


  • coffee & milk
  • flowers
  • sunshine
  • school
  • english


  • celery
  • dahl soup
  • onion
  • early mornings
  • bounty

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