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Contact-new.svg Winnie Fritz
Employer:Kayser College
Other roles:National Curriculum Team,Religious Instructor Commitee of the school.
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Nauru Lesson Plan For Creating A Face Print {{Objectives/-Linguistic-following instrutions other-eye-hand-co-ordination.


Age-All Time-10-15minutes.}}

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=About Me

About my work


My name is Winnie Lesi Fritz.Ilive in Aiwo Dist which is situated in the South West of Nauru. There's not much excitement in my community.What excites me most is to see the sunsetting in Aiue Boulevard. The most critical need in my community is not having enough Water Tanks.

About Me

Iam a widow with six children of my own.My passions in life are my children. My technical computer skills are not really good but I'm still learning.Early Childhood is an area I love doing I can teach others how to create and maintain a Kitchen Garden. I'm aIways proud of my children and my work.Being an active and professional teacher.

About my work

I work at Kayser College which is a catholic based school.It's goal is to initiate learning and what it means to be a catholic.It hasthe same outcomes as the other organisation on the island. I teach YR3 students.Ilove teaching espesially in the Junior Level.I'm involed in the National Curriculum Team that plans for students academic assessment and aiso a member of the Religious Instruction commitee of the school.


Iam happy to think and know the technology and resources created will surely broaden and help my community with so many skills contemplating and planning to improve their style of working.

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