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Know Your Way Around the Library

This is a link to Teejay's sandbox


David Leeming

Thank you very much for the most enjoyable workshop. The knowledge we've gained is to be shared with students, teachers, friends everywhere but only if we have access to internet.

{{Activity| How to look for a reference book

  1. go to reference section-nonfiction
  2. what classification number for your subject
  3. look for subject


  • write the author's name
  • illustrator
  • fiction/nonfiction
  • what the story about

Pre-workshop Activity

Community: I am from Kiribati born in the capital city Tarawa. The highlight about having in the community is Sharing and Lending always. Access to modern technology for learning Education.

You: Married with 3 boys aiming to be competent both in technical and family. Technical skills is not my expertise but I could manage. Library,PPTC,and TESL influenced me to teach Lib.skills and English as a second language. I am honoured to be able to helf Our Children of Tomorrows, nevertheless more learning and study is needed for thye betterment.

Your Work: I am a teacher (Education) paid by the Government(RON)where Childrens' Need Always Come First for the Betterment of Nauru Tomorrows.

Impact: Provide opportunities to students, community members as well as teachers a better chance to achieve their goals in the future. Sharing with overseas organisations the skills and knowledge as well as knowing the outside world around us.

(Comment.gif: Welcome aboard! You're off to a great start -- keep it up! --Wayne Mackintosh 03:09, 4 August 2008 (UTC))