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Contact-new.svg Elmina Quadina
Employer:Aiwo Primary School
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/My Sandbox Nauruan fan making


Nothing much to say about myself except that I am trying to do the best of my ability to gain enough knowledge and skills in mastering the computer in order promote myself and others. I am proud to learn all sorts of skills especially being a handicap myself with hearing disability. my family consist of eight[8] boys and twelve [12] twelve sisters. I am a single mother with three[3] boys and two[2] girls ranging from 26 to the youngest of 14yrs.

My Community

My community is not as interesting as in the old days but still we'd gather for special occassions. Sometimes the women in my community would gather to teacher our younger ones to learn our traditional handcrafts such as weaving mats,fans and or garland making'jewelleries or learning other skills,such as cooking etc.

My Work

I work as a teacher, teaching the year 7 students at Nauru College. I take Science subject to all yaer 7 student. I am not specialized in this area but I have to teach them the best of my knowledge so that the students of my country will benefit from my knowledge and skills and become better pupil for their future wellbeing. Although I am teaching these student I found that I to am, teaching myself to know the world around me, and how the world moves abnout,which I find is quite an interesting subject. Egl-beckam.jpg

(Comment.gif: Welcome to the WikiEducator family! I'm very pleased to see that you are developing a lesson closely linked with local cultures and traditions --- you are giving a voice to the pacific in the international world of the Internet! You just need to practice bold, italics and lists for your first certification. --Wayne Mackintosh 01:16, 4 August 2008 (UTC))