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Getting started - All modules materials were originally prepared in 2012 - 2014 by Dr Bronwyn Hegarty and Paul Left. Thanks to Helen Lindsay for input into modules 1 and 2.
  • Getting to know the course and what's expected
  • Establishing your online presence for the blended learning activities and assessment
Weeks 1 and 2
Module 1: Learner characteristics
  • An exploration of the characteristics of learners in tertiary environments.
Time: around 20 hours
Module 1: Portfolio Activities
Module 2: Adult learning theory and Praxis
  • Adult learning theories and practices to engage learners.
Time: around 20 hours
Module 2: Portfolio Activities
Module 3: Teaching context and learning design
  • An introduction to learning design, and quality assurance in a teaching context, and the integration of critical reflection.
Time: around 30 hours
Module 3: Portfolio Activities
Module 4: Planning, delivering and critiquing a teaching session
  • Application of adult learning and teaching principles to teaching.
Time: around 20 hours
Module 4: Portfolio Activities
Module 5: Teaching philosophy
  • Development of a personal teaching philosophy.
Time: around 20 hours
Module 5: Portfolio Activities
Module 6: Critique learning design
  • Explore and critique examples of learning design, assessment and modes of learning according to theories, principles and practices.
Time: around 40 hours
Module 6: Portfolio Activities
Module 7: Learner-centred pedagogy and stakeholders
  • Designing inclusive learning environments for stakeholders and quality assurance requirements.
Time: around 40 hours
Module 7: Portfolio Activities
Module 8: Personalised learning and diagnostic assessments
  • Explore co-negotiation and collaborative support mechanisms within learning design.

Time: around 40 hours
Module 8: Portfolio Activities
Module 9: Evaluation of Learning design
  • Evaluate learning design processes and products.
Time: around 60 hours
Module 9: Portfolio Activities
Module 10: Planning and implementing learning
  • Plan innovative learning designs according to educational trends and practices.
Time: around 60 hours
Module 10: Portfolio Activities