Module 10 Portfolio Activity

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Module 10: Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation Plan

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Portfolio Activity

Part One - Design a learning strategy relevant to your context
  • Identify an area of your learning and teaching that could be improved or enhanced.
  • Choose one trend technology and pedagogy you would like to use.
  • Select a model of learning design, and an adult learning theory to support the strategy.
  • Use the information and prompting questions in the plan template to help the planning process.
  • Use the Blended Learning template (on Moodle) or prepare a mindmap to illustrate the design. (See 15 best mindmapping tools for ideas.)
  • Access others' research and practice to inform your design.
  • This needs to include evidence from the literature, and consultation with others.

Part Two: Complete the Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation plan.

  • Complete the plan using the template.
  • Share with peers to obtain feedback on your ideas.
  • Request formative feedback from your facilitator.
  • Submit the final version for marking.

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