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Module 6: Critique learning design

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Learning Outcomes
Your portfolio must demonstrate that you:
  • Use relevant educational theory to critique existing learning design approaches, delivery and assessment implications.
  • Critically review the integration of current assessment and evaluation theories, principles and practices with learner centred, culturally competent, learning approaches and assessment of prior learning.

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Portfolio Activity

For your assessment portfolio, you need to include an in-depth critique of a learning environment, including reference to learning theories and models and implications for delivery and assessment.

  • Select a learning environment from your own organisation or externally - on the web or through your networks. Choose carefully, and consider any ethical aspects - will you need to negotiate consent to carry out a critique?
  • Explore the learning environment thoroughly - you need to have an in-depth understanding of its design.
  • Describe its key details:
    • Who are the likely target group of learners ?
    • What is the delivery mode - is it fully online, or some form of blended learning?
  • Analyse the learning environment's (course) learning outcomes, content resources, learning activities, interactions and assessment, and how each of these relates to specific learning theories and models.
  • Analyse the flexibility (eg in terms of Casey and Wilson's five dimensions of flexibility and the seven-stage continuum of flexibility that has been incorporated.
  • Investigate the learning design models (eg ADDIE, OTARA, ... ) that appear to have been used and how effectively these have been applied.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of the learning environment's content resources, learning activities, and interactions.
  • Critique the effectiveness of the assessments - that is, how they meet the principles and values of assessment, and the appropriateness of the methods and tools.

(Analyse: to examine critically, carefully and in detail.)

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