Theoretical Concepts

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Learning theories can inform practical approaches to teaching, contributing to the design of learning experiences and the various outcomes of learning. Five categories of learning theory and the application in your context is explored.

Also, the concepts of an open pedagogy, and online learning are investigated in preparation for designing learning experiences for blended environments.

Theoretical Concepts

A good place to start is with the overview presented in this 10 minute video: Theories of Learning by CustomTeach. This may help you to decide which is the predominant theory that you tend to use in your teaching. Make sure you also explore a theory with which you are unfamiliar - you never know you may like it better and want to switch.

Also, to help you explore the theories further, extensive resources about theories for learning and teaching can be found on James Atherton's website Learning and Teaching. On the mind map, click on the theories that you wish to explore. He has interpreted some of the models and theories developed by academics over the past 30 or so years.