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Module 3: Teaching context and learning design

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Learning outcomes
Your portfolio must demonstrate that you:
  • Make informed choices about learner centred pedagogy in learning design, taking learner and contextual factors, and the views of stakeholders, into account.
  • Critically examine your institution’s/employer’s strategies, policies and practices related to learning considering their appropriateness for meeting student needs (including Learning and Teaching strategic Framework, assessment and moderation, online and blended learning etc.).
  • Integrate critical reflection into learning and teaching practice and engage in self-evaluation practices.

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Portfolio Activity

Prepare a response to these questions, and use a variety of media to compile your response to this activity.

  • Share your experiences with learning design to date, detailing what has worked and the challenges.
  • How have you incorporated the strategies and quality assurance processes of your organisation into the design of your courses?
  • How could you use a reflective practice strategy to evaluate the effectiveness of the learning environment and your teaching? What would this involve? (Hint: refer to Paula Zwozdiak-Myer's (2012) dimensions of reflective practice.
  • Share your portfolio work on the Moodle discussion forum.

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