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Learning outcome
On successful completion of this section, you will be able to:
  • Make informed choices about learner centred pedagogy in learning design, taking learner and contextual factors, and the views of stakeholders, into account.

We'll use two simple case studies to illustrate some key concepts as you work through this module:


Case Study: Emilia

Introducing Emilia

Emilia started her career as a nurse and in the last 10 years she has moved on to working in health policy roles in government.

She has now just been appointed to a new position in a polytechnic. Her role is to set up and manage a new course on Public Health Policy as part of the existing Bachelor of Nursing. This course is to be developed in response to Health sector stakeholders who want more emphasis on this subject in the curriculum.

Emilia is concerned that nursing students may not see the relevance of such a course, and so she needs to find out more about the learners. As she hasn't worked in a polytechnic before, she is a little apprehensive about some aspects of her new role!


Case Study: Brett

Introducing Brett

Brett worked as a carpenter for some years but has been working as a carpentry tutor in a polytechnic for 5 years. He has noticed that the students have trouble sitting still in the theory lessons, and don't always connect technical information with the 'hands on' tasks they learn in the workshop.

Feedback from stakeholders in the building industry also suggests that some of the graduates of the programme have difficulty applying what they have learned in a building site situation.

Consequently, Brett has been asked by his head of department to review (and rewrite where necessary) some of the course modules to make sure they are up-to-date with new tools and techniques used in industry. He also wants Brett to develop some innovative activities and formative assessments to assist students to understand carpentry in the 'real world'.