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The concepts of quality assurance are introduced in this module. How compliance works in educational organisations and links to tertiary sector requirements is covered. Also, you are asked to consider the strategic priorities of your organisation and the connection to quality assurance processes.

You are guided to investigate the meaning of compliance in your organisation, and the implications of the Continuous Improvement model for quality assurance practices.

Quality assurance is integral to the success of any educational organisation. But what does this term mean and who is responsible? During this topic you will explore this term and find out more about the key players. Perhaps begin with the Tertiary Education Commission overview about quality assurance.

In this section, we'll refer to two simple case studies (Emilia and Brett) that we introduced in the previous section on Educational design theory. We'll also introduce models such as the PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) cycle and look at how these are applied in an education context.