Learning and Teaching in Practice/Module 2 portfolio activities

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Learning outcomes
Your portfolio must demonstrate that you:
  • Adopt sound pedagogical practices that reflect a comprehensive understanding of adult learning approaches needed to engage learners.
  • Critique a variety of feedback models/processes in order to provide clear, constructive feedback to support and advance student learning.

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Portfolio Activity

Prepare a response to these questions, and use a variety of media to compile your response to this activity.

  • What teaching and learning strategies would you like to try with adult learners, and why?
  • How could open, online pedagogy could be used in your context.
  • Which feedback model could be useful to help your students' learning?
  • How could critical thinking be used to aid student learning?
  • Ask for feedback on this activity on the Moodle discussion forum (link below).

Link to Moodle Sharing and discussions forum.

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