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In this topic we will look at a range of learning environments, including:

  • Face-to-face learning
  • Online and distance learning
  • Blended learning


A learning environment is the overall context within which learning takes place. It may include any mix of:

  • face-to-face learning
  • online learning
  • various types of learning activities
  • learning resources such as readings or interactive materials in print or online
  • assessment approaches
  • any other components used to 'deliver' or support learning.

In the photo of the lecture shown here, the learning environment needs to be seen as a whole, including:

  • Physical environment - the venue.
  • Hardware and software used for the presentation - computer, screen, projector, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Other learning resources - e.g., handouts.
  • Teaching approaches used - i.e., the lecture and presentation.
  • Learning activity - listening, viewing and taking notes.