Critiquing a session

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In this topic we will look at strategies for critiquing teaching sessions. Critiquing a teaching session can be seen as an instance of reflective practice and incorporates critical thinking.

The topic assumes you have worked through Topics 1 and 2 of this module and completed the activities for planning and facilitating a lesson. The critiquing stage corresponds to the Study phase of the PDSA cycle. The outcomes of this phase correspond to the Act phase of the cycle.


Critical reflection on an event or situation (such as your teaching session from Topic 2) is most effective when informed by multiple viewpoints - that is, it is based not just on your viewpoint but also that of others. So your critique of the lesson you facilitated in Topic 2 should incorporate:

  • your reflections following the session on what went well, what didn't and why, and what you might do differently next time;
  • written and oral feedback from the person who carried out the observation of the session; and
  • feedback you gathered from the learners, either during or at the end of the session (evaluation).

In the next section, we'll look at methods you can use for evaluating your teaching, including gathering feedback from the learners.