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Module 4: Planning, facilitating and critiquing a teaching session

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Learning outcome
Your assessment in your portfolio must demonstrate that you:
  • Transfer adult learning and teaching principles into a specific subject/work context, by planning, delivering and critiquing a session/learning sequence (covering a specific topic).
  • Integrate critical reflection into learning and teaching practice and engage in self-evaluation practices.

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Portfolio Activity

Part One - Prepare a lesson plan and arrange observation or video recording of a teaching session
  1. Prepare a lesson plan and decide on a suitable session for observation. This can include developing or finding resources you need to support the activities.
  2. Either arrange for someone to observe the session or arrange to video record yourself undertaking the session. You can use the teaching observation template to guide you. To download this file, you may be asked to log into Moodle.
  3. Where possible gather feedback from the learners.
  4. Self-reflect after the session and record your notes using these questions to guide you:
    • How did you feel and act during the session?
    • What were the responses of the learners?
    • What went well and why?
    • What didn't go so well and why?
    • What would you do differently next time and why?

Part Two - Critique the teaching session you facilitated and prepare a written reflection
  1. You can either meet with the observer to reflect on the session, or self-evaluate the video recording and discuss with a mentor.
  2. Prepare a written reflection, using the marking criteria in the Course Outline to describe and analyse:
    • the feedback from the observer or mentor as well as feedback from learners;
    • the planning process - how well prepared you were for the session;
    • the effectiveness of your facilitation and management of the learning environment (use the notes you made for the self-evaluation reflection);
    • future actions and areas for development; and
    • multiple perspectives - include feedback from others and a variety of good quality, current and relevant literature sources to support your argument.
  3. Request feedback from your facilitator.
  4. Submit the final assessment to your portfolio and notify your facilitator.

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