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Improving data and research to create an evidence base

Recommendation 1 Sector-wide data

Recommendation 2 Research framework

Recommendation 3 Best-evidence synthesis

21st century school buildings and learning hubs

Recommendation 4 Extended availability of school facilities to communities

Recommendation 5 Design templates for school buildings

Recommendation 6 School libraries

Recommendation 7 Internet access via public libraries

Training and professional development

Recommendation 8 Digital literacy standard for teachers

Recommendation 9 Digital literacy standard for school leaders

Recommendation 10 Teacher training institutions evaluation

Recommendation 11 Potential workload changes

Improving access to New Zealand content online

Recommendation 12 New Zealand video content licensing

Recommendation 13 Cyber-bullying and inappropriate content

Recommendation 14 Local New Zealand content

Recommendation 15 Digital materials for Te Reo Maori

Recommendation 16 Access to high-quality digital resources

Recommendation 17 Intellectual property and copyright

Recommendation 18 Creative Commons licensing

Development of 21st century skills

Recommendation 19 Definition of digital literacy

Recommendation 20 21st century skills

Recommendation 21 Role of educational games

Recommendation 22 Role of information science

Recommendation 23 ICT as a high-value career

Equity issues

Recommendation 24 Access to digital learning at school

Recommendation 25 Digital literacy in early childhood education

Recommendation 26 Access by people with disabilities

Recommendation 27 Licensing arrangements for software, including the use of open-source

Improving device access

Recommendation 28 Access to a digital device

Recommendation 29 Policies on device ownership

Recommendation 30 Bulk supply arrangements

Recommendation 31 Guidelines on the use of devices

Recommendation 32 Technical support

Ultra-Fast Broadband and the School Network Upgrade Programme

Recommendation 33 High-quality wi-fi coverage

Recommendation 34 Accelerating the SNUP programme

Network for Learning

Recommendation 35 New Zealand content and services

Recommendation 36 Access from outside schools

Recommendation 37 Affordable high-speed Internet with unlimited data

Recommendation 38 Single system for core ICT services

Recommendation 39 National Funding

Institutional arrangements for ICT and 21st century learning

Recommendation 40 Change needs leadership

Recommendation 41 Institutional arrangements for providing leadership

Changes to legislation, regulation, and government agency operations

Recommendation 42 Digital capability of schools

Recommendation 43 Collaboration between schools

Recommendation 44 Barriers to collaboration

Recommendation 45 Online assessment

Recommendation 46 Regulations for community digital facilities

Recommendation 47 Resource implications

Recommendation 48 Legislative changes