Recommendation 4 Extended availability of school facilities to communities

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Recommendation 4. We recommend that the Government investigate the benefits and implications, along with any policy or legislative changes, of extending availability of school facilities and resources, including computer labs and Internet connections, to their communities.

Comment: There is now considerable evidence that some student activities suit large groups; that idea generation suits smaller groups; collaborative writing works for groups of 2 or 3; and some activities should be personal.
These group sizes may be cultural and may be strongly influenced by Maslow’s motivation concepts. School facilities should readily allow for such groups to form and work together as they wish – as long as they remain task-focussed and the educator can observe them and facilitate their progress.
Use should be extended to all members of the family – children can teach parents!

Parents should be informed of what their children are studying today and so can contribute to conversation at the dinner table or wherever.

Many parents particularly in low decile areas may need coaching if not formal teaching - and it may be very beneficial if it is related to their children's topics of the day. Related adult curriculum content could be readily linked to the student's content topics.

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