Recommendation 24 Access to digital learning at school

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Recommendation 24. We recommend that the Government consider introducing policies and initiatives to ensure that every child at school in New Zealand has access to digital learning at school.

Comment: For every child to have access to digital learning at school – and outside the classroom – the government must supply the equipment needed. Fortunately recent trends have positioned suitable equipment at an acceptable price point.
A 7in tablet with wireless-only connectivity, a battery life longer than the school day and an Android operating system running Google Docs collaborative software would cost less than $100 NZD and the device would last for 4 years. Many schools are asking students to provide a device like an iPad which is much more expensive. Schools may choose to provide a voucher for $100 so that parents may buy whatever they want provided that it has the above or similar specifications.
From a funding point-of-view only 1-in-4 students would be provisioned each year and the devices would have a life of 4 years.
Given wireless connectivity to the school this would meet all school needs for general students.
For students studying subjects needing a more highly configured device the equipment could be provided in school or as a laptop with the student getting a voucher towards the cost.

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