Recommendation 38 Single system for core ICT services

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Recommendation 38. We recommend that the Government consider the benefits of implementing and operating a single system for core ICT services in schools, including identity and access management, a student management system, a learning management system, e-portfolio, e-asTTle and e-Admin systems such as ENROL.

Comment: Large comprehensive projects like this have an international record as expensive failures. Possibilities change – for example e-Portfolio can be achieved by a $9 memory stick.
I recommend that this work is separated from the general issue of provisioning facilities and content. --Ian Mitchell FIITP 00:13, 23 January 2013 (UTC)
How to Kill Projects
One way to make projects unachievable is to make them too big. By pretending to be supportive by saying that the project is great but it just needs This . . .  and That . . . added, the project becomes unmanageable or exceeds its funding, scope or time constraints.
This was done when the first such working group made recommendations to Merv Wellington, Minister of Education in the eighties. The Ministry has never recovered the damage that was done using this well-researched counter-implementation technique.

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