Recommendation 8 Digital literacy standard for teachers

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Recommendation 8. We recommend that the Government consider requiring all New Zealand teachers to demonstrate a defined standard of digital literacy and to undertake professional learning and development to maintain their digital literacy skills, knowledge, and understanding.

Comment: There needs to be a clear distinction between teachers on other subjects and those on ICT subjects who will need much more intensive training.
General facilities are already available – such as the KiwiSkills programme – which can readily be accessed from home or in libraries.
However much of this training can be on-site and delivered by peers. What is needed is immediate access to someone they trust who can resolve their current issue. Larger schools already have a professional in this support role.
Note that there has been a movement towards web-based interfaces which have an emphasis on “first-time” users – meaning that software is easy to use – even first-time.
All professionals – all teachers – should have days pa of professional development. (Motorola recommends 10 days pa)
Note that excessive estimates of teacher training was the trick used to block the proposals for computers in schools while Merv Wellington was Minister.
There should be a minimal requirement for a “defined standard” for teachers and then subsequent levels for teachers in specific roles or subjects.
Note that there is now some evidence from MIT and Stanford that content is best delivered in 7-11 minute video clips. Ten-years olds can now prepare YouTube videos – and teachers will not be far behind.
In some pilot projects students complete their studies on an inquiry topic by preparing what they see as more appropriate learning content in web form or as videos - and these may then be posted as learning content for other students.

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