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Recommendation 28. We recommend that the Government consider introducing a policy that every student have access to a digital device for learning, including the appropriate age for such a policy to apply.

Discussion on this recommendation has started in the Dominion Post

Comment: As noted above all students should be provided with appropriate tools. However it will take some time to prepare suitable content – if all legislative, regulatory and funding requirements are met the devices could be introduced at the beginning of the 2014 year for 1-in-4 students.
I suggest that it be introduced by subject and level where teacher groups have coalesced on content. And because the devices have a life of 4 years that they be “rolled out” over 4 years with students retaining their devices for 4 years.
If years 1,5,9,13 were funded the first year then again the next year but students for years now 2,6, and 10 retained their devices and those given to year 13 last year could be handed back for year 12 this year; then years 1,5,9&13 were funded and years 2,6,10&12 and 3,7,11&4 retained leaving only year 8 for the 4th year.
Some schools may choose to handle their allocation differently – their choice!
The initial years have less demands on content preparation.
This leaves the options for specialist subjects up to individual schools as their preparedness will vary.

Frequent reference is made to (Apple) iPad. However as widely published the iPad is positioned at the top of the market. Simpler tablets (in smaller sizes) particularly those driven by Google Android Samsung has announced its own) are available at prices below $125NZD and may be even lower if a government bulk purchase is made. It is critical in practice that the device has wireless connectivity and a battery life os at least 8 hours. If families can afford iPads let them.

--Ian Mitchell FIITP 23:52, 22 January 2013 (UTC)

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