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You would find from the visual representation of the interactions presented on the Main Page of the Programme, the participating lecturers of DIETs are to receive facilitation help from the Peer Team which conceptualised and designed the Induction Programme. You would have a brief introduction of them and their contact address and e-mail ID.

Dr. Vasant D. Bhat is Professor of Education at RIE Mysore-570006 (India). He is the Coordinator of the Induction Programme and his E-mail ID is

Dr V D Bhat has been with the DIET induction programme ever since the first package Teacher Trainer was planned. On seeing difficulties in conducting the proposed regular face to face programmes on schedule, he proposed this programme through the distance mode. The present web programme that you see was conceptualised by Dr V D Bhat. The credit of designing all the pages here and uploading the content goes to him. Along with this he has also trained the present team of online facilitators in editing the content and organising the programme as scheduled. He still continues as our advisor for this programme. The web induction team thanks him for all the support and guidance he provides.

Vishwanath K V is a Lecture CTE Chitradurga. His E-mail ID
Dr. Kumaraswamy H. is Lecturer at CTE, Mangalore (India) and his E-mail ID is
Rekha Naik is a Lecturer at DIET Kumta. Her E-mail ID
Savita Naik is a Lecturer at DIET Kumta. Her E-mail ID
Shri T.K. Raghavendra is BEO at Srinivasapura (India). His E-mail ID is
Sowmya Ramesh is a Lecturer at DIET Bangalore (Urban). Her E-mail ID
Geetha N is a APC at SSA Mysore. Her E-mail ID
late Gopinath Kalbhag
Radha P is a Lecturer at DIET Bengaluru. Her E-mail ID
Hemanth G M is a ADPI(Mid day meals) at Somawarpet Kodagu Kudige. His E-mail ID
Shankaramma_B_Dhawalgi is a Lecturer at DIET Dharwad. Her E-mail ID
Prashanth.M.C is a Lecturer at DIET Mysuru. His E-mail ID is :

You can download the Print Version of the Induction Package by Clicking Here