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After going through this module and working out the activities given you will be able to use computer programmes for analysing large quantities of data which includes the following:

  1. Creating necessary worksheets
  2. Entering data
  3. Analysing data
  4. Creating graphs

We have already seen how data tables are created. Sometimes the data encoded in a table may have to be analysed for understanding a particular event. For example, we would like to know the achievement of the students of the district in the KSQAO tests. We would like to know the percentage of students who have not mastered even 40% of the competencies prescribed. How do we come to know of these? The computers provide a unique facility of analysing large quantities of data in a very short period of time. For preparing data sheets and analysing data we can use spreadsheets in excel or any other package like SPSS or Statistica. Through computers we will be able to merge all data regarding different aspects into one file and take up analysis in a very comprehensive way. Thus profiles of teachers in the district, the nature of student population, the rate of absenteeism, student enrolment etc can be keyed into the computer and analysed. Handling large quantities of data is no problem at all.

Creating Worksheets

Know how to create a worksheet by reading this attachment

  1. Creating Worksheets

In this section you will be introuduced to different ways of analysing data and interpretting the same. Keeping the requirements of DIETs, you will also work out some exercises to get a first hand experience of analysing data using the computer.

Analyzing Data

The link below will take you to a website which has a lot of information on using excel programme for analysing data. Please browse the site. [1]

Please see the following website for analysis of qualitative data [2]

Coding and analysis of Focus Group Discussion data [3]

You can join some online courses for learning more about data analysis. Search the web for the same. You can have a look at the following link. [4]

You can use the following link to know more about statistical analysis [5]

Send the Completed Activity Sheet to:

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{{Activity| Activity

  1. Enter the scores of D.Ed students in a worksheet and find out the average performance of students in your subject.
  2. Compute your salary using formula in MSExcel Worksheet.
  3. Prepare mark register for one subject. Find Max, Min,Avg of that Data.(Excel)
  4. Prepare 2008-09 KSQAO bloc kwise result in MSExcel Worksheet.