Using Multimedia/LCD Projector

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Using Multimedia / LCD Projector

We have already learnt about preparing power point presentations. We would like to use a multimedia projector or an LCD projector for making the presentation. You must have learnt a little about handling hardware in the previous chapter. Let us focus more on the use of LCD and multimedia projectors in this section.

Multimedia presentations have an appeal to all the sense organs. That is why the impact of a presentation made using multimedia is always greater than the impact made by a simple speech. LCD projectors are very useful while interacting with a large group. The presentations made can be projected on to a big screen. This will help every participant view information on the screen without any problem. We have given links to many internet resources in this write up. Please follow these links and read the literature you find there and return to this page for making further references.

Using Multi-media/LCD Projector

Computers with LCD have become common place now. But they are not being put to use in a proper way. When an LCD projector is used, we see that the presenter seems to make use of the projector to replace his/her presentation. Everything he/she is supposed to talk is presented through the projector. His/her job is mainly to read the presentations! In fact, the multi-media/LCD projectors must be used to supplement the presentations done. That is how learning experience becomes more holistic for the learners. Using the hardware is just one aspect. The way presentations are done through the hardware is the most important issue. We need to concentrate on this. We can learn the hardware use by trial and error method. But the software, the presentations are to be planned well.

What are the possibilities of a multi-media projector?

  1. It can present the essence of the presentation in bullet points
  2. It can bring the audio and visual inputs to the classroom
  3. It can be projected on the screen allowing everyone to watch the presentation
  4. It can be made interesting by using movies and such clippings
  5. Inputs planned elsewhere in the world can be brought into our own classrooms

One who plans to use the projector should bear in mind some of the following issues.

- Will the presentation hold the attention of the audience?

- Will it efficiently supplement what he/she is going to present?

- Can the audience read the presentations without much delay?

- Can the audience listen to the talk of the presenter as well as read the text presented and relate both?

Beginners are likely to face many problems in using LCD projectors. However, with a little perseverance everyone can master this ability. You can get someone to operate the gadget. But, please remember, you can not get anyone to prepare your presentations. So you need to prepare well.

You can learn more on Multi-media from the sites below

Using a Digital Projector

Send the Completed Activity Sheet to:

your online facilitator and mark a copy to


{{Activity| Activity

  1. Prepare a multimedia presentation on any topic from Social Science.
  2. Present your project to a batch of D.Ed students.
  3. Note down their responses and revise your presentation.
  4. Present it to another batch of D.Ed students.
  5. Revise your presentation based on their responses.
  6. Submit the edited version to the the onsite facilitator in your DIET.