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What is a competency? competency


according to the Dictionary meaning is “the capability to perform” and a person who has this quality is called “competent”.

Competency is that capability/capacity, which is a synthesis of knowledge, awareness, skill, understanding and applicability.

Take a Close Look.

Study the following listing of competencies. They were identified as required for DIET faculty members.

a) Competency based teaching.

  1. Providing learning experiences.
  2. Preparing teaching learning material
  3. Organizing activity centered learning
  4. Individualizing learning
  5. Using teaching aids maps, graphs, etc.)appropriately
  6. Determining the value of pupil achievement.
  7. Undertaking remedial work
  8. Organizing fieldwork, workshops
  9. Introspecting.

b) Counselling and guidance competency

  1. Providing educational, individual, social and professional Counselling.
  2. Providing advice.
Think over

c) Competency of preparing teaching aids

  1. Identification of local material
  2. Preparation of low-cost material
  3. Development of audio programmes/video programmes/slides
  4. Repairing of teaching material including sports articles.
  5. Copying on to audio/video cassettes.

d) Competency of designing training programmes

  1. Identification of needs of training programmes.
  2. Planning of training programmes
  3. Preparation of training materials
  4. Supervising training programmes
  5. Organization of follow-up activities after the training.

e) Competency of transaction

  1. Organizing child centered learning experiences
  2. Undertaking multi-grade teaching
  3. Planning and organizing activity based teaching
  4. Preparation and implementation of institutional planning
  5. Undertaking action research
  6. Training teachers in action research procedures
  7. Using Educational Technology for classroom transactions
  8. Making classroom learning a joyful experience
  9. Meeting needs of students under special circumstances.

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Web Resources

The content of the following topics that are dealt in the DIETs.

  1. Competency based teaching
  2. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation
  • Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation[1]
  • What CBSE has to say about CCE[2]

Follwoing are some sites where professional development material are available:


f) Information scrutiny and research competency

  1. Recording, listing, analysis and interpretation of information.
  2. Planning / activity / research / reporting.
  3. Undertaking action research.

g) Evaluation competency

  1. Preparation and use of evaluation tools.
  2. Preparation of evaluation blue-print.
  3. Preparation of test items for achievement tests.
  4. Conduct of evaluation (class room / Schemes)
  5. Analysing the results of the evaluation.

h) Others

  1. Preparation for main planning.
  2. Equipping and managing Resource room,
  3. Coordination within the department/outside the department/community.
  4. Conduct of activities for Children/Designing Programmes for different groups.
  5. Operating a computer/accessing internet.
  6. Role play/theatre techniques.