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The school system in a district offers a very complex picture. We have been trying to address the problems in the areas of universal enrolment, attendance and learning. We have to work with hundreds of teachers and other block level functionaries. We have to communicate with the state offices and other DIETs. The data that we need to collect and disseminate can not be sent in an unorganised way or the very manner in which we got them. They have to be organised systematically so as to facilitate easy comprehension of what they mean. The best way of addressing this issue is to create appropriate forms right at the level of data collection. The forms that we create should help us enter all the data in the computer very easily. Such a systematic approach will also help us analyse the encoded data using the computer programmes. From all these angles, creating forms becomes an important activity for DIET functionaries.

In this section you will learn more about creating forms for collecting data or sending the collected data to to other offices. You will know that the type of forms you would create depends on the data that you would like to collect. For qualitative data you may have one type of format while for the quantitative data you may need an entirely different type of format. A good form should make the chore of data collection a pleasure, present data in a readily understandable manner and make consolidation faster.

Forms in general contain formats for encoding some information for easy communication. Many of the forms have a table format. Forms can exist even without tables. But quantitative data is best consolidated in tables with appropriate columns.

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  1. Prepare your Bio data and send it through email.
  2. Prepare a format for collecting Training details from BRC’s.

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  1. What are the areas which need some type of format for making meaningful reports?
  2. Can you design one format for collecting and consolidating information of training programmes at the taluk level?
  3. Do you think sometimes formats themselves can pose problems? How can we overcome such situations?