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After going through this module and the websites linked to this page, you will be able to use different gadgets supplied to your institution confidently.

You must have handled one electronic gadget or the other until now. You may have operated a TV, a radio, a calculator or a telephone. Do you think any preparation is needed to handle a gadget? What do you do if you bring a new washing machine? Will you just start operating it pressing whatever buttons you see on the control panel? Definitely not. You will go through the manual given along with the machine, try to understand how you need to handle it and only then venture out to operate it. This is the case with all software.

We need to know to operate different gadgets that are available in the DIETs. The most important among them is the computer and the LCD. Sometimes, we may have to handle a photocopier or a fax machine.

This section will primarily focus on handling a computer and gadgets related to it like the printer, the CD ROM drive, the LCD projector etc. Starting from switch on up to switching off, there are many small little details which are usually taken for granted. What will you do if you computer does not respond to any command? Can you shift your computer to another place and fix all the cables without any problem? These appear to be minor questions. But inability to tackle them might become a hindrance in the successful use of the computer. You will be introduced different parts of the computer here and tips for handling them and meeting emergencies. We have given a link to the following website in the chapter on e-media. Please open the link and go through the contents. This will help you understand computer hardware better.


Do You Wish To Know How Some Of The Common Hardware And Communication Systems Work?

There are occassions when you need the know how regarding the working of some of the common hardware used in the field of education.

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Web Resources

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  1. How does a FAX Machine work?[1]
  2. How do Analogue and Digital Recording work?[2]
  3. How do Virtual Offices work?[3]
  4. How does a DVD Work?[4]
  5. How does a CD Burner work?[5]
  6. How does a Tape Recorder Work?[6]
  7. How does a Speaker Work?[7]
  8. How do Conference Calls Work?[8]
  9. How do Web Seminars Work?[9]

Send the Completed Activity Sheet to

your online facilitator and mark a copy to kumaraswamy64@gmail.com


{{Activity| Activity

  1. Set up a LCD projector for displaying slide presentations.
  2. Study how to operate ROT and SIT in your DIET. Share your experiences.
  3. What are the common precautions to be taken in handling DVD and other multimedia players?
  4. List electronic gadgets in your DIET.

Prepare a brief note on above activities and send through email to your online facilitator.