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Apaart from being an academic institution at the district level,the DIETs are also a part of the administrative structure of education in Karnataka. As a staff of DIET/CTE, you too have administrative linkages with others in the structure. This section deals with such linkages.

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After going through this section, you would be in a better position to

  • Spell out various administrative linkages of a DIET/CTE faculty.
  • Understand and Appreciate the administrative linkages of a DIET/CTE


The Department of Public Instruction is headed by the Commissioner of Publice Instruction (CPI). As such, the CPI is overall in charge of the activities and programmes of the department.CPI guides DIETs for academic and administrative purposes. CPI is responsile for the implimentation of variuos programmes of the department.Principals of DIETs/CTEs are being deputed for variuos academic and administrative purposes by CPI.Some of the administrative aspects like conducting inspection of Block education offices,Review of ICT and e govrnance,Conducting enquiries according to the needs and functioning as presenting/enquiry ofiicers in the departmental enquiries. You may be aware that the CPI is the appointing officer for the Class B posts in the department. Thus, the appointment and transfer of the lecturers of DIET (Group B) is under the jurisdiction of the CPI.


Children during Examination
KSEEB-organisational structure

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board came in to existence in the year 1966. As you are aware, the Board has been conducting SSLC and other examinations.As for as DIETs are concerned all the other exams are being conducted by DIETs. As you can see in the organisational chart of KSEEB, the Board is headed by the Commissioner for Public Instruction as its Chairman. In the executive capacity, it has two Directors, one for SSLC Examination who is also the chairman of KSQAO and the other director for other examinations.

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board was conducting many examinations from a number of years. As the number of students grew and number of examinations increased two directorates were established one for S.S.L.C. and one for all other examinations from December 1997. Directorate of other exams conducts 13 main examinations or 57 subsidiary examinations throughout the year through DIETs and other institutions. Some examinations are job oriented (like D.Ed, C.P.Ed,Hindi Shikskak which are main areas of DIETs): some for developing the cultural and classical languages (like Sanskrit and Arabic); some for aesthetic and artistic purpose (like Music, Dance, Drawing); and some cater to social needs (K.O.S., Multi-category etc). Secreatery and JDPI of KSEEB Secreatery

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Web Resources

You could get an up to date information about the activities of KSEEB by visiting the site

Take a Close Look.

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The administrative linkage of DIETs with Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board is mainly concerned with the approval of D.Ed., candidates under the management quota, providing the necessary staff to conduct the examinations(both theory and practical), evaluation and such other works assigned by the Board.

The un-aided and aided Institutions in the districts are permitted to fill up the candidates for 2 years D.Ed., course under the management quota subject to the rules that are in force from time to time. The eligbility and such criterion to be fulfilled by the students and management are verified and is approved as per the norms and is submitted to the Board for the future course of actions. The ongoing programme KSQUAO is also supported by the DIETs.

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Centralised Admission Cell (CAC)

The Centralised Admission Cell at the state level looks after the selection of candidates for D.Ed., and B.Ed., courses at State Level. CAC invites applications from the eligible candidates by giving due publicity in news papers. DIETs/CTEs are designated as nodal centres at the District Level to issue and collect applications.

The Administrative linkage of DIET/CTE with CAC is concerned with the following points.

  1. The DIETs should issue and collect the applications for admission to D.Ed., and B.Ed., courses at the district level as per the instructions and guidelines from CAC.
  2. The applcations so received are to be entered in the formats issued by CAC and the same is to be submitted within the specified time.
  3. The applications are scrutinised at the CAC and the list of candidates selected is announced by CAC in Nodal Centres. DIETs/CTEs have to collect these lists from CAC and display it in their respective centres for reference.
  4. DIETs have to receive the Original documents from the selected candidates by giving due acknowledgement, which inturn is to be submitted to CAC.
  5. After the verification of original documents, final list of selected candidates is finalised by CAC which inturn is to be received by DIETs to display in their respective centres.
  6. The selected candidates have to pay the required fees in the designated Bank and submit a copy of the same to the DIET to get the Admission Slip.
  7. A candidate who is not desirous of getting admission into the Institution alloted by CAC can opt for counselling after submitting the application in the specified form to the DIET.
  8. DIET has to submit the list of candidates who sought admission to different institutions and the list of candidates who have opted for counselling.
  9. The dates for counselling dates will be announced by CAC which inturn is displayed in DIETs for the reference of eligible candidates.
  10. Depending on the vacant seats, the CAC prepares list of candidates further eligible which will again be collected and displayed in DIETs.
  11. For admission into B.Ed., course an examination will be conducted by CAC, the required assistance is to be provided by the DIETs as per the instructions from the Special Officer of CAC.

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  1. Discuss with your colleagues and friends how can technology be used to speed up CAC work.
  2. Think of the innovative methods of using the online fecilities for processing the applications at the District Nodal Centres.

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For more information, application form, etc. you may visit the following site

CTE Principal and JDPI(Development)

Every DIET would come under the jurisdiction of one CTE for certain administrative measures.The Principal who is also called as JDPI aprroves TA of DIET principals,nominates a member for governing Council from CTE.


DDPI(Admin) is also the district coordinater of all SSA activities and the implementing officer of SSA programmes at the District Level.Technically Inservice teacher training plan and budget under SSA prepared under DDPI though DIETs prepare and submit the plan. Deputing office staff of Disrict for various purposes including training is also the responsibility of DDPI. Every DIET has a Governing Council under the Chairmanship of the Chief Executive Officer of the concerned Zilla Panchayat.DDPI(administration) is a member of the Governing Council.DDPI is bound to support the academic activities that are implemented through DIET.