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The Department of State Educational Research and Training, popularly known as DSERT is the academic wing of the Department of Public Instruction in Karnataka. It aims at providing academic leadership in school education as well as improving the quality of education provided in primary and secondary schools in the state.

The DSERT was formed as a small academic unit of the Department of Public Instruction. It was then known as the State Institute of Education (SIE),started functioning at Dharwar in 1964. This unit was later shifted to Bangalore and the other academic units of the department of public instruction – State Institute of Science (SIS), State Educational Evaluation Unit (SEEU) and Educational Vocational Guidance Bureau (EVG), were merged in 1975 to form a single monolithic Department of State Educational Research and Training.

To know the institution in detail and its activities, you may visit its official site.

The Structure of DSERT

The DSERT is headed by the Director.Director DSERT has direct link with DIETs for all administrative and academic purposes. At present Shri S. JayaKumara is the Director of DSERT.

Structure of DSERT

Activities of DSERT




BRC is a Block level institution to carry out the academic activities related mainly to primary education BRC carries out its academic programmes under the guidance and supervision of DIET. Every BRC should have a vision shared with the vision of the DIET at the District level.To ensure realisation of vision BRC plans,Impliments,trains. It implements teacher training programs at the block level using the staff meant for it.

Think over

Have you ever worked as a co-cordinator in any Block Resource Center? If yes, write down your experiences how your office worked in co-ordination with DIET.

  1. What are the ways in which you sought help from DIET?
  2. What are the information you were providing to DIET regularly?
  3. How were DIET staff involved in carrying out your academic activities in a meaningful way?
  4. What are the roles and reponsibilities you have assigned to your CRPS?
  5. How were you taking the community support in carrying out and implementing BRC programmes?
Perform This

As a lecturer in DIET, you may be visiting BRC.

  1. What are the things you observe while visiting BRC?
  2. In what way are you providing academic support to BRC?
  3. How would you supervise & provide guidance and support in academic activities?

BRC is linked with DIET in the following ways. BRC has to prepare an Action Plan about the trainings to be provided to the teachers in its block well in time and submit it to the DIET for approval. It has to submit the budget required to carry out the training programs to the DIET. It should send the progress of the academic activities and trainings to the DIET every month. It should plan the activities as per the guidelines issued from the DIET and other concerned offices.

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To know the Roles and Functions of BRC, BRP and CRP visit the website


The programmes designed at the block level are implemented at cluster levels thorough Cluster Resource Centres. The Cluster Resource Person at the cluter level has to ensure quality of the education at the school levels. Monthly experience sharing meetings are to be arranged at the cluster levels. The CRP has to maintain the data base of all the teachers in his cluster. He should also conduct community mobilisation trainings at the cluster levels. CRC is linked directly to BRC, which inturn is linked with the DIET at the District level.