Rights of the Child and Right to Education Act 2009

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You are already aware that any policy on education is meant for the alround deveopment of the child. The child is the pivotal part in any education system. Do you know what are the righs a child has? Visit this website and study the content given.

Web Resources

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Do they enjoy their rights?

Do you like to see and hear? If yes, you will find some useful material in the sites given below

Listen to this speech by a child at the UN Assemby [3]

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Also go through 'A Teacher's Trainer' module published by Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT) pages 64 to 85. Now you have read the information available on the website. Answer these questions.

  1. Why is it important to know the Rights of the Child?
  2. While organizing any educational programme how would you give due preference to the Rights of the Child?

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Discuss with your colleagues about these.

  1. Importance of arranging any academic activity to cater to the needs of the child
  2. Consdiering the child as a pivotal factor in fulfilling the needs of the child.
  3. Consequences of violating the Rights of the Child.
  4. Is it necessary to make the children aware of their rights? What do you think will be the consequences on Student-Teacher relationship?
  5. Do you think it is necessary to make the parents aware of Child Rights?
  6. Do you think it makes any difference between handling a group of children who are aware of their rights and who are not?
  7. How the school curriculum can ensure the protection of child's rights in our schooling system?

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  1. Observe two areas where the rights of a child are violated at home.
  2. How schools cater to the needs of an individual child in a school.
  3. Is it necessary to discuss the learning objectives with the children? Discuss this issue in the light of the rights of the child.
  4. What are the duties of DIET faculty with regard to the implementation of RTE, 2009?

Send the findings of your discussions to your online facilitator and to kumaraswamy64@gmail.com