Right to Information, Citizen's Charter

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Let Us Know About Right to Information, Citizen's Charter


Indian constitution makes the provision for the public servants.It does not call as government servant.Thus Every public (Government) servant is required to work to the expectations of general public. There should be transparency in working and functioning of a Government office.We are obligatory and occuntable to the beneficiaries in our job. The job chart of every government servant should be made known to the public. Keeping these points in mind answe the following questions.

  1. Do you know about the right to information act?
  2. Do you think it is necessary to allow access to the general public to all the information available with the various departments of the governement?
  3. What would be the implications of such a facility?
  4. Why should information be made freely available to all?
  5. Have you ever found yourself in a situation wherein you needed some information from a governement office and you could not get it?
  6. What did you do then?
  7. Do you think it would have been better if you were given direct access to that information?
  8. Think of all these questions.

Now please open the following website and read the right to inforamtion act. You can come back to this page after reading the Act.


  1. What do you think of the RIA now?
  2. In what way is it useful to the general public?
  3. Will it curtail your freedom in the department?
  4. In what way are you going to be affected by this?
  5. What actions will you take to implement right to information act in your institution?

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Talk to three or four of your colleagues about RIA. Talk to some members of the community about RIA. COllect their opinion and compare them with your views. You can prepare a write up and send it to the following address.

  1. tkrkes@zapak.com
  2. harivana@gmail.com