Diagnosing the causes of the problems

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Pin-pointed problems Possible causes
Difficulty of III A Student in the addition of two digit numbers with carrying in Arithmetic 1.The students were not regular to the class

2.Inadequate basic skills in addition

3.Inadequate concept of place value

4.Lack of supervised study by the teacher

23 Students of II std. copy sentences letter by letter and they do not maintain proper spacing between words and lines. 1.Inadequate practice in reading skills.

2.Inability to recognise word groups.

3.Inability to comprehend the material copying.

4.Poor sense of spelling. They have not been advised on the techniques of copying words and sentences.

Students throw paper bits and other belongings in the class and do not arrange their desks. 1.There is no waste paper basket in the classroom.

2.There is not enough room for each student to keep his/her belongings in a given place.

3.Students lack proper guidance The teachers do not provide a good model in this regard.