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Conducting Teleconferencing

We have all attended teleconferences. Some of us have the experience of being panellists in teleconferences. The type of teleconferences that we conduct in Karnataka, as of now, have two way audio and one way video communication. Teleconferences are good if we are to meet a large number of teachers in a short time. Right now(January, 2008) Karnataka has downlink facilities in 167 BRCs, 20 DIETs and 1 CTE. All the government primary schools in Gulbarga and Chamarajanagara district have this facility for the relay of EDUSAT programmes for schools.

Teleconferences have the unique advantage of bringing the best of resources to one forum to make it available to all the concerned people. Teachers across the state can interact with experts and clarify their doubts. Also, it is possible to provide uniform inputs to all teachers at the state level through teleconferences. In the coming years two way audio and video interaction teleconferences are going be very important means of teacher training. Perhaps we may be seated in our own DIETs and still interact with teachers and DIET faculty across the state.

In this section you will develop a deeper understanding of the possibilities of teleconferencing, the kind of preparation required for organising teleconferences and



[[3]]Teleconferencing [[4]] Organising teleconference

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Video conferencing is one of the derivatives of teleconferencing. Study this document on video conferencing and find out how to organise a video conference.

Organising Video Conference [[5]]