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1. History of CTEs

Government college of Education was upgraded as College of Teacher education 1993-94. Since Up gradation the institutions actively involved in pre service teacher education and supported the state and district in this regard. There are so many good educationist visited and guided this institutions.

2. Facilities available at CTEs.

  1. Plot: Good and adequate Land Resources.
  2. Building : Minimum 2 acres to
  3. Play ground: adequate .
  4. Library : Well established library.
  5. ICT Lab : 40 Computers and LCD Projectors.
  6. Psychology Lab: 60 and above Paper-pencil & instruments.
  7. Reading Room: NCERT Journals & other magazines. Leading news papers
  8. EVG unit: 01 unit in every CTE (Employment News analysis and Guidance Work)
  9. Sports:
  10. language lab: Required 20 computers. (To established in more CTEs . Already established & upgraded in CTE Chitradurga)
  11. Science Lab materials.
  12. Craft Materiels.

3. staff pattern..

Designation Principal Readers Lecturers Instructors Ministerial staff + Super intendent. D group
Sanctioned POSTs 1 3 13 6 8 9
Cader Joint Director DDPI BEO/Equivalent Secondary School TEACHERS SDA, FDA , Super intendent Driver, D group employees

4. Wings and Programmes UNDER CTEs .


CTEs have PSTE unit running accordance with Karnataka State Universities Act2000 and Academic Council of Universities. Student who have passed any degree or post graduate degree or any equivalent from university recognized by UGC are eligible for B.Ed. Programme. Candidates are allotted by the Government of Karnataka through CAC. Here a co- ordination board will review and advice regarding internal assessment. These committees are functioning accordance with University regulations

  1. Against Women exploitation.
  2. Caste Discrimination prevention
  3. Educational Tour
  4. Sports
  5. Cultural
  6. Micro Teaching
  7. Practice Teaching

Accordance with the regulations of university and state CTEs working so for. Since establishment pre service education catered with attention


Importance of Training:

  1. To enable the teaching community (facilitators) to realize the vision of NCF 2005.
  2. To make the teachers capable to use information technology in class rooms
  3. To enable teachers to use open soft wares available and use them in class room teaching
  4. To share the best practices through RMSA website
  5. To introduce the concept of CCE effectively.
  6. To enable the language teachers to achieve the optimum level of teaching skills.
  7. To develop the capacity of finding suitable solutions to the problems in learning among the teachers.
  8. To enable the teachers to organize various innovative teaching learning activities in their teaching.

Need of Training :-

  1. To provide more academic support to the teachers.
  2. To make classroom teaching more effective. and lively
  3. To enable the teachers in finding solutions to the problems collectively.
  4. To help the teachers for their professional development.
  5. To familiarise the teachers about the new methods of teaching

Resource utilization for conducting programmes :-

  1. Trained MRPs
  2. LCD Projector
  3. Training Manuals
  4. Power point Presentation
  5. Charts, Maps
  6. Language lab


Action Research Wing is headed by a Reader of CTE. Some research projects are guided by this wing. The findings and report will be submitted to DSERT.

  1. Focused on different subjects, Kannada, Geography, Maths, etc.
  2. Secondary School teachers Participated. They are motivated to conduct Action Research.
  3. Studied attitude of teachers.Facilitated them to conduct good practices.