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By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Understand planning requirements for your website build

Site purpose

  • Determine the purpose of the web site
    • Must support business goals
    • May decide a web site is not appropriate

Determine the site's audience

First of all, you must determine who the audience is for your site. This is critical, because many design and content decisions depend on this.

  • Is the site for children or adults?
  • Does your target audience access the Net from work, school or home?
  • How fast is their Internet connection?
  • Do they want to be informed or entertained?

Make sure you know the answers to these types of questions from the outset

Types of Web Site

Sites can be implemented in various ways..some are listed on the page Internet:Types_of_Website

Domain name

  • A domain is the name and address of your website, rolled into one.
  • Choosing a domain name can be tricky, as a huge number of domains, particularly the .com versions, are already reserved. 
  • Think about domain names that are memorable and describe your business well - given the competition for domains and the premium on short or highly-trafficked domains, you may even want to let the availability of domains influence your choice of business name (if it’s not already decided).
  • There are a number of websites, such as or, that will allow you to check the availability of domain names and register available names immediately - for a


You will also need to develop a hosting plan

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